NET Core Facility

Semmelweis University

Type of shared service:
experimental service,
ex vivo,
in vivo

Name of service: 
Gastroenterology lab

Short description:
Analysis of gastrointestinal functions in rats and mice. Acute and chronic ulcer models (ethanol, indomethacin, acetic acid), colitis models (DSS, TNBS), evaluation of gastrointestinal motor activity.

Shared instruments / services:

- moor FLPI-2 Laser Speckle Contrast Imager

Short description:
The device uses the laser speckle contrast technique to deliver real-time, high-resolution blood flow images, ranging from 5.6mm x 7.5mm up to 20cm x 30cm. It can be used in a wide range of pre-clinical and clinical research applications.


Department: Dept. of Pharmacology and Pharmacotherapy

Buliding: NET Building

Floor and Lab No: 3. and 5. floors, labs 309 and 504

Photo of the instrument / service (attach file):

User’s manual (attach PDF):


First Name: Zoltán

Last Name: Zádori

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Phone: (1) 210-4416, 56392 (phone extension)


Required consumables (Names, CAT Numbers, Distributors, Prices, e.t.c.):

Fee: By common assent.

ISO Certification: no