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Semmelweis University

Brain-Quick BQ132 Heabox and EEG Amplifier

Type of shared service:
in vivo

Name of shared instrument / service:
Brain-Quick BQ132 Heabox and EEG Amplifier

Short description:
Allows 32 channel EEG/polygraphy recordings in laboratory settings. Sampling rate up to 1024 Hz/channel. Polysomnography and all kinds of EEG recordings are performed by using this device.

Place of shared instrument / service: 

Department: Institute of Behavioural Sciences

Buliding: Tömő u 25-29.

Floor and Lab No: 3rd floor/Psychophysiology and Chronobiology Lab.

Photo of the instrument / service (attach file):

User’s manual (attach PDF):


First Name: Róbert

Last Name: Bódizs

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Technical assistance:

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Required consumables (Names, CAT Numbers, Distributors, Prices, e.t.c.):

EC2 Grass Electrode Cream, Signa Contact Spray

Fee:  By agreement.

ISO Certification: yes


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Simor P, Horváth K, Ujma PP, Gombos F, Bódizs R. Fluctuations between sleep and wakefulness: Wake-like features indicated by increased EEGalpha power during different sleep stages in nightmare disorder. Biol Psychol 2013;94(3):592–600. (

Kis A, Szakadát S, Simor P, Gombos F, Horváth K, Bódizs R. Objective and subjective components of the first-night effect in young nightmare sufferers and healthy subjects. Behav Sleep Med 2014;12:1–12.¬