NET Core Facility

Semmelweis University

qNANO Nanopore-based detection system

Type of shared service: 
in vitro.

Name of shared instrument / service:
qNANO Nanopore-based detection system

Short description:
qNano uses unique nanopore-based detection to enable the physical properties of a wide range of particle types to be accurately measured.

Place of shared instrument / service: 

Department: Department of Genetics, Cell- and Immunobiology

Buliding: NET Building

Floor and Lab No: 6th floor Lab 603

Photo of the instrument / service (attach file):

User’s manual (attach PDF):


First Name: Krisztina

Last Name: Pálóczi

Email: This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

Required consumables (Names, CAT Numbers, Distributors, Prices, e.t.c.):

Fee: 2000HUF/hour+ nanopore membranes to be ordered by the user from IZON

ISO Certification:  yes